Picture of piano
This image was entered in the September/October 1997 Internet Ray-Tracing Competition for the theme of Art and Entertainment. This has been my most successful and best received image to date. Be sure to notice the link to "View previous rounds" on the IRTC page, or you may miss the hundreds of incredible submissions that reside there!

The entire point of this image was as a pun on the idea of the chromatic scale. The chromatic scale refers to musical half-steps across a 12-note octave; however, chromatic also refers to color. I invented the idea of an upright set of strings in order to show the colors on each string more clearly. As it turns out, the idea of the upright "harp" was created well before my time, and numerous such pianos do exist.

The picture on the back wall was made by Maxfield Parrish, and became the inspiration for the cover of Enya's album, "The Memory of Trees". The painting is called "The Young King of the Black Isles" and is one of many great works by that painter.

All rights to the above image are reserved by its creator, Aaron Gage.