Picture of collapsed wall
This image was entered in the January/February 2000 Internet Ray-Tracing Competition for the theme of Ruins. This was my first stills entry made with Lightwave, though I have entered the animations round using Lightwave previously. Be sure to notice the link to "View previous rounds" on the IRTC page, or you may miss the hundreds of incredible submissions that reside there!

The idea I had here was to build a ruined building by first piecing together the entire structure, then taking it apart stone by stone, accounting for all of the raw materials. However, this would have taken me far too long to finish, so I just built up the wall as best I could then worked on the scene around it.

The stones making up the wall were all placed manually, meaning that the wall took the longest time of any part of the scene. The grass was done using a trick being called Pancake Voxels, which I will be exploring in future renders. Now that I am fairly comfortable with doing landscapes in Lightwave, I will probably try to incorporate them into my next projects.

All rights to the above image are reserved by its creator, Aaron Gage.