Raytracing and Computer Graphics

For a few years, I had enough free time to do some computer rendering, usually for the Internet Raytracing Competition. Some of the results were good enough that I've had people pay me to license them, and others didn't turn out so well.


Click on the thumbnails to see the full-sized image and description.

Internet Raytracing Competition Entries

Color by Numbers Chromatic Scale
Worlds Tokamak Fusion Reactor
Night without Day Fountain of Youth
Morning Necromancy

Rendering Side Projects

These are some images that resulted from my modeling for research, or for personal entertainment (usually both). Click on the image for a larger version.


Similarly, I have rendered a few animations, both for work and for play.

Internet Raytracing Competition Entries

Click on the images for a page with the video and description.

Faces Transportation
Toys Mathematics of Scale
The Time Machine iRobot

Side Projects

There are some other animations worth posting, but I still need to track them down.